One Click WordPress installation:

While we are good at something and want to offer our services or products (or both) to the planet Earth and its inhabitants, technology often comes in our path. We often face a huge hurdle before we even begin our journeys. I know I faced this issue a while back. So, I decided that it just makes sense that you need to know how to get started in the easiest way possible. I have included screenshots every step of the way; it’s very hard to get lost in this process. Hope this helps you in your journey of creating a beautiful online presence.

So, WordPress is one of the most used platforms by bloggers and web designers all across the world. Although there are two different services, and are very popular blogs. The main difference between them is that is a plain and simple blogging platform, whereas offers much more flexibility in terms of adding plugins, customizing with a lot more themes available in the market. Basically, for someone who wants to design a flexible and customized website, is the one you will need. In this post, I will show you how to setup WordPress CMS (Content Management System) with

Follow these easy steps, and you should be good to go. Be sure to check out my other posts that detail best techniques I follow including recommended themes, plugins and few tips and tricks.

Start here =>

Now, when you have purchased your Domain and Hosting from your Domain Registrar and Hosting Provider, you will be redirected to a control panel, commonly known as c-panel. Most hosting providers have a similar interface. This tutorial is done with Godaddy hosting provider.

Scroll over to this section that offers application install.

One Click WordPress Installation

When you click on WordPress application icon, you will be taken to this WordPress Installation page, where you are required to click install like it is shown below:

Installatron One Click Installation WordPress

Select your domain from the Domain drop-down. If you only have one domain, then it will automatically be shown /listed there. I have blurred my domain name for privacy /security purposes.

WordPress One Click Installation Select Domain

Edit your website title and tagline for optimization purposes.


Make sure you edit your username and note down both the username and password.

WordPress One Click Installation Setup UserName and Password

Click Install and you’re good to go:

Click Install for WordPress

Now, copy that URL so that you can access it.

WordPress One Click Install Finalization

When you click on that little Http://<website>/wp-admin/ URL, you will be redirected to this below image

WordPress Installation Setup Complete

After this, when you are done with this session, and next time you need to login, you will need to use the wp-admin URL to login and add  /edit your posts.

And that’s all folks!

You have successfully installed WordPress on your site. For detailed explanation on how to optimize your WordPress installation, check out my other post:

How to Optimize WordPress Installation (Coming Soon)

Go get ’em!