Keyword Research, the right way.

The most important lesson I learned in SEO so far: Strategy and Keyword Research

I found out that getting an effective strategy for SEO is the most important thing to do. This approach that I am talking about is laying out a plan starting from niche selection to keyword research to market survey to content publishing and website organization. Also, link building, onsite and offsite. Social media sharing.

The order in which we need to get this sorted is:

  1. Niche selection

    1. Look for a sub-niche that charges a decent amount to customers and are searched adequately
    2. Example: Spray foam insulation Phoenix instead of Insulation Phoenix
  2. Keyword analysis

    1. I explain in this post (click here), how to do proper keyword research in a straightforward and easy way that anybody can do
  3. Competition analysis

    1. Use SEMRush, Moz and Majestic to find what kind of competition you’re up against
    2. Plan out how many backlinks you may need to beat that competition
  4. Content writing and publishing

    1. Write well-structured content. Remember: You are writing for users and not just the Google bots. So it is extremely vital that your content is for the users. Quality beats everything else
    2. Link your other articles from your blog for some internal linking. This linking acts as an unexplained power that your website uses just to boost your rankings
  5. Social Media Sharing

    1. Share your site’s content on social media pages.
    2. If it comes to it, you can even add some ads to attract users to your website initially. But once it gains momentum or once your site is ranked, you will not need ANY ads. This sub-step is optional.
  6. Off page SEO

    1. Get some real web 2.0 backlinks with some quality articles on websites like,, etc.
    2. When unique c-class IP address domains start referring your website in their articles, your site has nowhere else to go but to rank in the top spots on Google for the keywords mentioned above

So, this is a kind of cool breakdown that I think covers the SEO in a very comprehensive manner. Let me know what you guys think? Leave a comment below and let me find out if you need any further explanations on any of the concepts discussed here. Or just holler! 🙂