Do you want to know how to rank on Google in a very straightforward and easy way?
This helps a lot of small business owners or local businesses that are looking to get listed on Google super fast and super easy.
Choose a topic /title for your website that has a long-tail keyword in it. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a long-tail keyword is a keyword that people search for when they’re looking for a particular result, as opposed to a very broad and vague keyword.
For example: “plumbing” is a keyword that is broad and most likely very competitive as many corporate companies might be targeting those and probably investing humongous amounts of money to rank for that keyword.
However, if you try to go for a particular keyword, where the competition might not be so much, is easier to rank.
For example, if you think about “residential plumbing for faucet repair” or “plumbing services for a clogged drain” – they’re more accurate keywords, and at the same time looking for plumbers who can do those particular jobs for them.
Long tail keywords are the best way to start working towards getting ranked for any niche. This might require some gray cells but will put you in the right direction of getting ranked. This is one of the easiest ways to do on-page optimization.
Another way of finding a long tail keyword is by adding the year in the end. This takes away a good chunk of competition out of the way. One example would be: “how to create a stunning website in 2016”.
This keyword will take away results that are not written for 2016. So, that paves the way for easier listing in Google.
Some of the long tail keywords that I use for this website are:
Hope this helps. Now go get ranked in Google! 🙂
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