What are “keywords” that everyone talks about in advertising?
From digital advertising agencies to individual marketers – they all offer their packages based on what keywords you want to target your ads on and how many keywords you want to target ?
Google and Bing Ads require you to specify “keywords” you would like your ad to show up on. So, what are those sneaky keywords?
Keywords are phrases that are used to perform a specific query. For example, I’m looking for a plumber in Las Vegas. What do I most likely search for? “Plumbing las vegas” or “plumber las vegas”…correct?
If you’re looking to buy a pressure cooker, you’d search for “where to buy pressure cooker” or “buy pressure cooker” and so forth.
The search engines process your information according to those “keywords”. Keywords are identifiers of the context a user is looking for. Now, whenever someone creates a website online, Google crawls through it and stores a key “identifier” or an idea of what that website or webpage is. This is useful in search engine optimization or SEO.
If I create a website for a plumber in las vegas and all of its content are in the context of said topic, then Google puts you with the similar results. Now there are more factors that help rank one website over another, but this is what it all means when someone talks about keywords for their marketing.
Every website is categorized with different keywords it’s designed with. And every business has an online site that reflects what its about.
What are your keywords?

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