Are you stuck on 2nd or 3rd page of Google results? You did your on-page optimization and got a good content in place, but still find yourself “almost there”?

I’ll let you in on a neat trick that can give your site a boost that it needs. One that I use on all of my sites. A final touch before publishing any content on the site. It’s called “Internal linking.” Almost 100% of the time, internal linking has been an apparent reason to rank higher on Google with either my client’s sites or my own.

What is Internal linking? It’s simply a link to one post from within the article. A basic example would be:

“CRM has been explained in detail here: <link>.” It’s just pointing to another post from your site most likely to expand on a particular subject or naturally lead to another topic, if interested.
Internal linking of posts within site shows a very strongly connected and an ultra-structured image to Google. It has been proven again and again to increase site authority. You know who else does internal linking madly? Wikipedia.

Another example of internal link is this: Click here to check out my other post

Notice how I’m linking to another post from here. That’s it. That’s all it requires to link internally to another article. Now, what’s going on behind the scene is that this way, your website’s structure is getting stronger with each link from a post to another post. One post is explaining another post.

Look at any article on Wikipedia, see how it links to other articles from Wikipedia. It forms a great web of strong links. This strategy is one of the most important and a stealthy one that top SEO experts use to get their sites ranked higher on Google, Bing or any other search engines.

Do you link internally? What strategy do you use?


Let us know what you think?