How would you like if you got free traffic to your websites? Not only free traffic but the kind of visitors that are interested in your products or offerings.
Not all traffic is paid. Social media marketing is one way to get organic traffic. Let’s say you have a following of 10,000 peoples; you post something on your page. Out of that 10K, let’s say 5k views that post. So with an industry average of conversion rate, about 20% click on your post. That means about 1000 of them possibly visit your website. You paid nothing. However, with new Facebook updates rolling with time, page owners are being limited with their organic reach – which basically means that you will have to “boost” or “promote” your post in order to reach your own audience. More money for them – Surprise!
Anyway, posting on social media is one way of attracting an audience to your site – regardless of how you restrictive the platform is or which platform you are going with.
There’s another way of bringing free traffic – using your very own websites. Confused? Don’t be. No, we will not magnetize your site with invisible powers. However, we will optimize your site by leveraging the power of search engines.
Search engines get a staggering amount of searches per day. Just Google processes over 3.5 Billion searches. Per day.
Yes, that’s a big B(illion). (don’t believe me? check here:
People from all over the world are looking for information every second of the day.
What you are offering is sought by millions of searchers out there. We are talking about laser-focused and as targeted as it can get, searchers. Looking for your product or services.
Let that sink in.
Now, how do we leverage this power of search engines?

Let us know what you think?