Most Googled Person


That moment when you realize that you are showing up on google for “the most googled person” is freakin’ awesome.

Who can claim such a thing?

Let’s figure out who are the most googled people online. Without doing a google search for this search term, I’m going to just guess who they are:

  1. Farhan Syed
    Just kiddin’.
  2. the Kardashians
    One of them has gotta be in there.
  3. Jennifer lopez
    Just cuz’
  4. Jennifer Lawrence
    I remember seeing her being among the top searches. So i’ll give her this.
  5. Madonna
    No more.
  6. Kanye
    Lots of people think he deserves it.
  7. Lionel Messi
    He’s gotta be in there somewhere. And i’m a fan too.
  8. Cristiano Ronaldo
    Can’t leave him behind! 🙂
  9. Michael Jackson
    King of Pop… Thanks Drew!

I’ll look for some more suggestions in the comments. Who do you think are the most googled people from out there? Who’s your fan.