Author: Farhan Syed

Stuck on 2nd page of Google? Do this to fix it.

Are you stuck on 2nd or 3rd page of Google results? You did your on-page optimization and got a good content in place, but still find yourself “almost there”? I’ll let you in on a neat trick that can give your site a boost that it needs. One that I use on all of my sites. A final touch before publishing any content on the site. It’s called “Internal linking.” Almost 100% of the time, internal linking has been an apparent reason to rank higher on Google with either my client’s sites or my own. What is Internal linking? It’s simply a link to one post from within the article. A basic example would be: “CRM has been explained in detail here: <link>.” It’s just pointing to another post from your site most likely to expand on a particular subject or naturally lead to another topic, if interested. Internal linking of posts within site shows a very strongly connected and an ultra-structured image to Google. It has been proven again and again to increase site authority. You know who else does internal linking madly? Wikipedia. Another example of internal link is this: Click here to check out my other post Notice how I’m linking to another post from here. That’s it. That’s all it requires to link internally to another article. Now, what’s going on behind the scene is...

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List Of Islamic Finance Companies In USA

This post is testing out the competitiveness of Islamic Finance Companies In USA keyword. There are a lot of companies that offer finance /loans /investing that are sharia compliant. Islamic finance is basically a system that operates according to the Islamic laws i.e Sharia. This is fundamentally very similar to conventional financial systems which has banks, fund managers, capital markets, investment divisions, insurance companies, etc. One of the companies that I found is Wahed Investing. Other company was Ijara CDC, Check them out and let me know in the comments...

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Looking To Create a Website? Check This Step-by-Step Guide To Get Started.

If you’re looking to create a website for whatever reason it is, be it, e-commerce, local business, your personal portfolio…simply follow the below steps in order: Buy a website name (aka Domain) first. You can go to any accredited domain registrars for that. Some of the popular ones are Godaddy,, These registrars charge you per year… Check last part of 2nd point below before you buy the domain) Now that you bought your website’s name, you need to rent a space on the web i.e buy hosting for your website. Just like you need to rent space...

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How Giving Got Me in Touch with A Million-Dollar Industry

Started by giving to the community with all I had, just didn’t know I was tapping on a million-dollar industry. Being in the IT field for over 8 years, working with computers has become my second nature. My daily life included going to work, come home to kids, go for a walk, have a nice little meet up with the local community and sleep. That’s it, end of the day. Similar days make the week. And such weeks make up the month. This happens 12 times a year. And years pass by – just like that. About 2 years...

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