How to sell leads and make as much as $400 per lead

In this post, I will show you how to acquire leads and sell them for as much as $400 per lead.

This is by far one of the easiest ways to your first paycheck.

It’s as simple as connecting few dots. I bet you can handle a lot more complicated methods. But this technique that I learned recently will blow your mind!

I’m going to share how easy it is to get solid call leads and sell them for much higher value.

So, now let’s get into it.

The tools we’ll be talking below are

  • Research and ads placement using Google AdWords
  • Call Tracking tools like Kallzu /Call Rail /Telexio

Market Research

If you are familiar with the interface and purpose of Google AdWords, you can skip about ten lines (ish) to Get Leads section.

Google AdWords is an outstanding platform that Google made for us folks to spend a little and earn abounding ?

Businesses and individuals advertise on Google by logging onto Google AdWords and bidding on CPC (Cost Per Click) value for particular keywords. Google displays that ad when someone searches for that keyword and whenever the searcher clicks on the individual’s ad, Google charges the individual for the click (hence the name CPC) for getting a visitor to your’s or company’s website. We look at the CPC value and searches for the market we are interested in and make some cash.

Find Market /buyer

  1. Visit this website:
  2. Find leads that have good potential buying power
  3. Compare the cost per lead with AdWords’ keyword planner tool with a margin of at least a 100% to 200%. You will be surprised how much you can make with this little technique.

Get Leads

Once you select the potential market and get a buyer in place, we can start placing our ads on Google using Google AdWords. Here’s the trick, put a phone number on the header as click to call on the link. Like this:

ads showing phone number

Track Leads

By Using Telexio or Kallzu or CallRail, you can accurately track, monitor and record ALL calls that are made to your offer provider and you can invoice your money machine likewise.

Call Tracking Using Telexio

Sell Leads is an impressive platform where you can sell your leads to and get paid almost instantly. Check out the image below that shows various offer and their cost per lead acquisition. As your ad places up high on Google, people click on it to call and they will reach your buyer using your Telexio phone number. you have a report of how many leads they got and how much are you getting. See the cash rolling almost by itself.




  1. Place your ad in Google for a keyword
  2. Use your Telexio tracking phone number on heading with Click to call
  3. Goto
  4. Click on Pay-per-call section
  5. Sort the results with highest cost per lead at the top
    1. you will see maximum value of $400 per lead
    2. either you can promote that, or, find an offer that suits your interests
  6. Sell Leads, local or select any of the thousands of the cities in US
  7. Automate the whole thing by setting up Google AdWords for a long time and connect the leads directly to your buyer using a call tracker. Cash out and enjoy your ride!